Storm over San Francisco

It rained a lot during my short time in San Francisco earlier this year, which though is unfortunate in some respects did at least mean that there were some nice clouds to shoot under, rather than a boring blue sky.

This shot was from around 34 floors up and the rain had been on and off all day, a pattern that would be consistent with the rest of my visit.


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Do those of you using CommentLuv notice a lot of spam coming from it recently? It’s a little weird in that the spammers seem to have put a little effort into the content of the comment as it refers to the post, but the link provided in Luv is very much spam. I can’t believe it’s done manually so am pretty amazed at how technology, both good and bad, is always progressing. I’m simply removing the Luv on those posts at this time as that’s the quickest thing for me to do.

4 thoughts on “Storm over San Francisco”

  1. Nice shot Mike, that’s a view of San Francisco that you don’t often see! I’ve been seeing some strange spam coming in over the last few week but hadn’t paid enough attention to it to notice where it was coming from.

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