I sit at the very North-Easterly point of the UK, halfway up a rock face, a lone figure watching as the birds fly around the rock formation ahead.

I did have a shot of me standing on the edge also, but it didn’t come out too well as there wasn’t enough light between my back and the rockface, so I had to opt to use this one of me sitting instead.

This was a fun one to process. The rocks on the left came out quite nicely, but the formation on the right wasn’t really as eyecatching as I had initially thought and the image had a little too much grey cloud in it to be interesting.

The ‘Urban Sickness’ filter, part of the PhotoTools plugin by OnOneSoftware, came to the rescue and added the colour and drama to the shot. As there were only a few pathetic looking seagulls in the Original image I also brushed a few more of these in to really give me something to watch.

5 thoughts on “Birdwatch”

    1. No delay possible on this one – as I had to do a 5 minute climb up the rocks just off camera to the left and then work my way around to the ledge, actually a lot trickier and higher than the image shows. Luckily I had both a remote release and a friend on hand to assist in pushing the buttons required.

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