Sunset on Moss

We return to Cornwall today. I seem to have a lot of sunrise/sunset shots from this trip, even though I was only there for a few days – I’m certain there was only one sunrise and one sunset each day though.

I stood on this beach for a while, with the dogs sat on (and eating) the sand behind me. I drank a beer as the sun was going down, snapping off brackets here and there and enjoying the solitude.

For this shot I thought the moss would add a nice bit of added focus to the image, and the greens were likely to come out quite nicely in contrast to the surrounding rocks. I also took a couple of shots with the 10 stop filter on but opted not to use any of those skies in the final image as the clouds weren’t moving quickly enough to give me the motion I wanted.

8 thoughts on “Sunset on Moss”

  1. I know that sunset and sunrise scenes looked lovely. But this shot looked very nice with dark clouds, which make it more dramatic. I love how the landscape looked. It is because the green moss blended so well with the ground as well as the bluish color of other parts of the ground. Thanks for sharing the lovely image.

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