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Another shot from this weekend. I was surprised how well this one came out as it kind of looks like it’s HDR but it isn’t, just a simple handheld shot that has been processed with PhotoTools.

I was walking around with my BlackRapid strap and opted to take the eyecup off this time before using it, thus no issues with losing yet another one of these things. It’s a great strap, just wish it didn’t have that one flaw.


I also just want to give a quick plug of a free ebook that has been written by Anne McKinnell called 8 Types of Natural Light That Will Add Drama to Your Photographs. As we all know, light is a major aspect of photography, without which we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. I still don’t understand all of the different types of light, and not sure I ever will, but this ebook is a great way to be reminded of the various types of light and what it’s used for, and as it’s free you’ll agree that it’s great value. Thanks Anne!

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  1. What a wonderful shot. Sometimes its the ordinary things that we overlook but if we took the time to look more closely we would see what we normally take for granted. Love the detail you brought out.

  2. Lovely textures in this one and it really stands out from the diffused background. Just goes to show, HDR can be hard to spot – I would have guessed it was. Kind of nice to know it isn’t.

  3. I have been trying to take cool shots for years and still haven’t got the feel yet. I am pretty good using photoshop, but I haven’t come across any filter set or otherwise to take my pictures from my poor shot to cool. Suggestions?

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