We popped into Somerset House at the start of a photowalk recently and I grabbed a shot of these stairs; it was quite late and people were ice skating outside, so inside it was pretty quiet which allowed me to quickly set up this shot with the fisheye.

I processed using the Urban Sickness and Cyberpunk filters which are part of the PhotoTools suite from OnONeSoftware. I did download the upgrade to Version 6 which I think calls it PhotoEffects, but I had trouble running it smoothly on my machine and couldn’t really get used to it now that I’m comfortable with PhotoTools, so I rolled it back a version for now.

5 thoughts on “Ascend”

  1. I was in London today and hoped to get here for the Sebastiao Salgado exhibition but my day got derailed elsewhere in London so will have to get there next week. This is a fantastic piece of processing.

    1. I hear that exhibit is pretty good – do you come to London often? We should try and meet up for a photowalk sometime if you do…

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