English Channel

I’ve been holding off on posting this one, because I don’t like it that much.

I ensured the shot has no birds, sea life or other animals in it and wanted the sun to appear that it was about to burn out into nothing, where at the end of the day all we will be left with is a non-tidal sea and the harsh rocks that surround it. It’s my attempt to show the harshness of life and the way we currently rape the world we live in.

I’m hoping a billionaire comes across this page and likes it and wishes to buy it for a couple of million pounds.

This is ridonkulous!

9 thoughts on “English Channel”

  1. I think we all have shots that subjectively fall below our own personal expectations, but viewing it objectively I like the feel of desolation it conveys – a wasteland devoid of life on the edge of a featureless ocean. It works. How does it look in contrasty B&W?

  2. I like all the shot..Amazing shot! I hope next time i visit here there are a lot of photo again..

  3. I love the photo, it’s really a work of art. the color the contrast. But I have no plans to leave here.. It’s scary. The place is like I’ve seen in a movie.

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