Darkness Falls

The nights are closing in earlier and earlier just now as we make our rapid descent into winter. Sure, I get to see a few less sunsets and golden hours while I’m sat behind a desk working, but at least it means I can start doing a little urbex at a reasonable time and not have to wait until it’s very late before we head up somewhere under the cover of darkness. Hopefully the mist that stopped play on Saturday night doesn’t last too long…there’s no point going up 30 storeys to find you can’t see a thing.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, do anything nice?

10 thoughts on “Darkness Falls”

  1. Sunset is just a tad too early for me this time of year. I’d like it to be around 530/6 but before 430 just doesn’t leave me much time.

    I has a pretty nice weekend my bday was on Friday and I had a great time 🙂

    Cool photo here btw! Love these city scape shots

    1. Happy belated birthday John. A 6pm sunset would be great for me as I can then go out straight after work – it’s still unlikely I’ll be up for sunrise regardless of how late that is just now 🙂

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