Millennium in Monotone

I took and processed this shot several months ago, but was never really happy with it, but couldn’t put my finger on why. Looking back at it this morning I thought it was alright, actually.

Opinions change for a variety of reasons on images, and it could be the mood you’re in, coming back from having a break and seeing it afresh, or just that it somehow grows on you over time.

Of course it could also be that I’ve had no time for processing over the past week or so and I was looking back over my previously processed shots when I saw this, immediately thinking ‘that’ll do’.

Hopefully I’ll have time to sit and process this weekend. I hope you have a great time yourself…what are you up to?

5 thoughts on “Millennium in Monotone”

  1. I’d be very happy indeed if this was my image! Unusual but effective viewpoint for this bridge and the colour of the toning is cool – suggests moonlight?

  2. I think this is more than one of those “it’ll do” images! There is a certain depth in it that makes the bridge pop against the background despite their similar tones. Nicely done man!

  3. Simply outstanding. It is sad that in this world of often over saturated images that a beautifully composed duo-tone does not get the attention it so richly deserves. Very well done.

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