Sometimes on a hot day you want nothing more than to sit beside the ocean, listening to the waves crashing, and watching as the clouds go by. I gather this young lady wanted nothing more, as she sat on the edge of this cliff with her handbag as a pillow.

The lighthouse you see below may be familiar to regular visitors to the blog as I have taken a few shots of it previously, both from up on the cliff and down at the base. It’s in Beachy Head down on the South Coast of England.

Those with especially good memories will also recall that it’s the #3 suicide hotspot in the world. However on this beautiful, and very hot, summer day I think those getting close to the edge were simply there for the view, be it of the lighthouse, the cliff, or a pretty girl trying to take a nap.

I’m a photographer, your honour, not a pervert.

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    1. Thanks, and I certainly did – click on the ‘Beachy Head’ tag at the bottom of the post to view more of that place 😉

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