It's Alive

Lego Wars is a monthly contest held by Chris Nitz, it’s free and fun to enter so why not play along with us?

This month’s Lego Wars was on the theme of ‘Horror’ and what better excuse do I need to break out the monsters in my Lego collection. For this shot I was down at John’s house and we decided to take a few internal shots…I happened to have a few bits of Lego on me for the purpose.

In the scene we have a witch (background left), followed by a werewolf with bone, a dinosaur, zombie, Dracula and a mummy. In the main part of the image is a mad scientist and of course Frankenstein laying on a Lego operating table. The more observant will also notice a bat at the bottom right.

There is a speedlite mounted on the camera and another flash off to the right.

Something additional was needed when setting this up, so John happened to break out a few glow sticks and before I knew it one of them had been cut open and the contents sucked into a syringe – I have no idea where that came from. The green goo you see in the scene is therefore from one of the glow sticks…and it seriously screwed up the Lego, melting the paint off Frank’s head, and even after washing this little guy is no longer able to move with his arms and legs welded together by the after effects of this gunk.

There are only a few entries for this month’s contest so it won’t take you long to pop over there and vote for your favourite. I must stress that this is not a popularity contest and ask that you vote for whichever of the images you prefer – even if it’s not mine, that’s okay.

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