Shard Sunrise

Ladies and Gentlemen – this is my 200th photoblog post on this site. A huge thank you to everyone that has commented, shared and connected with me throughout this year, and who have motivated me to maintain a post and photo every weekday up until now – you guys and gals are awesome!

As this is my 200th post I feel it’s quite special, so I’m sharing an image that I find fitting for the occasion. Does it feature London? Yes. Does it feature the Shard? Yes. Is it taken from up high on an urbex trip? Yes. Does it feature a sunrise? Well, yes it does!

We had come up to this rooftop around 7 hours before this shot was taken; after spending a bit of time taking night shots of London we retreated a couple of floors into this abandoned shell to try and sleep for a few hours on the cold empty floor. I got little sleep to be honest, especially with the knowledge that my own bed which was warm and comfortable was just a 30 minute walk from this location. But we were there for the sunrise, and that meant a late entry and early rise.

The sky was wonderful this bank holiday morning…we were so lucky with it. As I was waiting for the brackets to finish I knew that this shot was going to be the one I would take away from the morning, and so quickly snapped a picture of it with my dodgy iPhone:

iphone london sunrise

I was amazed how the sky was showing the blue hour, the golden sunlight and the red dawn all at the same time, all with the added interest of clouds. Not only this but the buildings all seemed to have their lights on which added to the interest of the scene.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the last 200 shots, and welcome to those who are visiting me just for today – you’re all welcome and appreciated. Plus it’s Friday…so raise your glasses to the next 200 shots, and to the weekend ahead.


As an aside, and as mentioned on Monday, I haven’t been out with the camera for a few weeks as work has been so busy, and so I’m heading out there on Sunday for a nice photowalk. I’m starting off the day with a little Urbex trip, followed by a photowalk by the Thames and then a ‘do your own thing’ in the evening (I’ll be climbing a building ;o). If you fancy heading out there with me and a few friends then the starting point will be 3pm in Spitalfields market beside the goat statue. I look forward to seeing you there.

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11 thoughts on “Shard Sunrise”

  1. Nice shot and great work on 200 images / posts, quite an achievement.

    Good luck with the photowalk and urbex thing, woud love to join in, but I’m away this weekend.

  2. freaking great shot Mike, congrats on the 200th post and here’s to many more! sadly I am too far away to join you this Sunday 🙂 but hope to get back to London in 2012 and will let you know!

  3. Congratulations on completing the double ton. Great achievement, best of luck for the future. Keep up the good work.

  4. Congrats at motivating yourself to get this far. 200 posts sounds like its worth celebrating. May pop along to the walk thing and the building thing after sounds interesting also. Doubt ill make it there for 3pm so dont wait up. Best of wishes hope its a good one for ya.

  5. Change of plan. Looks like ill be there on time. Till 3pm. The more fun and games the better, look forward to it, may even be able to suggest some stuff for later also if there is time 😉

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