No Trespassing

My trip to San Francisco earlier this year was the first time that I had been there, and this iconic location was the go to destination for me upon arrival. Though the weather gods were not in my favour all night (I was caught in a torrential downpour) I somehow aligned myself quite well with the golden hour gods and managed to get to the bridge just as the sun had descended and light started to fade.

I didn’t manage to capture any of the seals in this shot due to the long exposure….and when I say ‘capture’ I mean through the lens rather than oiling myself up, swimming with them until I could grasp one and then clubbing it to death.

As always I found the ‘No Trespassing’ sign to be of interest…and the potential of what was behind it to be of more interest. There were a group of tourists who had driven down to take a few photos so I wanted to wait for them to go before I investigated further, so happily took a few shots more from this location until they had enough and packed up.

As they were leaving a police patrol car drove in with red and blue flashing away…they mentioned that they were closing the car gate at the entrance and even though I don’t have a car I should leave now. I had already been told off by a policeman earlier in the day (we had different views on weather jaywalking applies to tourists who have crossed roads without incident for 30 years of their life) and I had been up for a heck of a long time by then, so I set off on a 5 mile walk back to the hotel…4 of which I made before having to grab a taxi.

7 thoughts on “No Trespassing”

  1. Someone just came in to finally pick me up off the floor. I’ve been lying here for 2 hours after seeing this INCREDIBLE photograph and falling outta my chair. I think next time I see a post from you I’ll strap myself in before clicking on the ol’ link there.

  2. I love the picture, the color and the composition. I wish I can visit San Francisco in the coming years.

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