Shadowy St Paul's

Another quick post today, the steps, entrance and lovely shadow wrapped columns that lead up to St Paul’s Cathedral.

I’m super busy at work just now, with weekends and evenings blending together into one big mess. I’ve done a few sums and in the past 9 days I’ve done my usual work plus and extra full week of work in the evenings/weekend. Cramming 2 weeks of work into 9 days mean that I’m pretty darn tired, but also that I haven’t had the chance to get out with my camera…which sucks.

At the end of this week things calm down, so on Sunday I’m going to go for a nice long photowalk – I hope anyone in London who is reading this can join me. Hit me up on Twitter if you fancy meeting up.

4 thoughts on “Shadowy St Paul’s”

  1. great shot Mike! wish I was in London – might be back over there in the new year and will let you know so we can shoot again!

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