Canary Wharf Sunrise

On a recent Urbex trip we decided to make the most of the high building we were on and stay overnight to watch the sun coming up over London – and my word it was a very nice sunrise. I’ll be sharing other photos with you in the future which shows the lovely reds and blues that were in the sky that morning, but for now here’s one with a lot of the golden colours that were showing.

The main cluster of buildings in the image is know as Canary Wharf. and you can see the o2 Arena (previously known as the Millennium Dome) sneaking a peek through the buildings. In the foreground you can also see Tower Bridge.

I don’t often see dawn, and usually not in London when I do, so this was a nice morning for me.

5 thoughts on “Canary Wharf Sunrise”

  1. A really great POV including Tower Bridge. You’ve created an unusual contrast between the monochromatic bleak, harsh urban landscape and the warmth of the dawn, which I really like. One could make some interesting philosophical observations on this contrast – but I hesitate to drag politics into photography!!

    1. Ha, we attempted to get a few hours sleep on one of the empty floors below us but it was pretty cold and not much kip was had.

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