On Friday I visited Orford Ness on a permission tour of an Atomic Weapon Research Establishment arranged by Talk Urbex where a group of us would get access to areas and buildings that are normally closed off to the public.

My trip started the night before with a train out of London, a 5 mile walk and a kip in a hotel before being picked up the next morning by a few people from the internet who I had never met before and who would be driving me into the middle of nowhere for this day out. Sure, it’s how most horror movies start out – but it’s also how a good day trip is done also.

It was a long day, and though the structures we visited didn’t have as much in them as I had initially hoped, it was a good one.

A huge thanks to Just Josie and Steiner2009 for going that extra mile (or 10) and giving me the much needed lift to get me to and from the location, the trip would not have been possible for me without them.

As it was an organised tour and part of the National Trust we were on our best behaviour for Urbexers, and though there was a little bit of dressing up, by Steiner2009 in particular, we didn’t wander where we shouldn’t and climb ladders that looked precarious and those sorts of things. Most unlike us, especially returning from such a trip with clean clothes.

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