Another Friday, another dog. I won’t make a habit of this, but as I featured Pilot last Friday it’s only fair that I also now feature Sydney who was on the same road trip around Cornwall.

Sydney is an Australian Cattle dog who’s main talents are jumping, licking and eating anything that she can get her paws on. Yes Sydney, I know it was you who ate my doughnut while we were out taking photos…those sugary chops tell me everything!

At one section of the trip we visited a circle of standing stones and they felt like a decent platform for Sydney to hop onto in order to have a nice photo opportunity, so here she is.

Today I’m off work and on a small island off the East coast of England visiting an Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. I’ve heard a few people visiting the same area have had their cameras break for some unknown reason, so I’m hoping I come back not only with a few decent snaps, but with my gear in full working order as well. Have a nice weekend all.

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