Branch Out

Driving around Cornwall in the early morning we came across a valley that was covered in fog, and which this image does not fully capture. I love scenes where you’re looking down on a landscape and can see the morning mist settled like a blanket over the low points. It didn’t last too long, and within a matter of minutes the ever growing sun had burnt it off, but it was a lovely scene when there.

I’ve had super busy days at work this week, and today will be no different before I head out of London tonight where I’ll stay in a hotel in order to get a real early start tomorrow morning for a photography session. There will be an automatic post in place as usual.

4 thoughts on “Branch Out”

  1. Wow, another great and moody shot. Your hoodie guy is one of my favorites, and I also love your shots from atop buildings, but these moody landscapes could become some of my favorites of yours.

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