There’s nothing new to see here, it’s the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral – a building that I hope you’re not bored of seeing shots of yet as I have plenty more to come, I’m sure.

This shot was taken at the start of this year on a very cold and windy night at the end of January. I was on a 10 or 11 storey rooftop near my flat, a place I found and which I think myself and the two friends I took were the only ones to go up there.

This shot is from around 2 miles away from the dome, a little less as the crow flies.

I was zoomed in to 417mm on the 50-500 lens, the weight of which seemed to help against the wind. I’m on a cropped sensor I’ll let you do the math on the magnification.

I was surprised it came out so well from so far away.

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