Another shot from my helicopter ride a few months ago.

This scene needs no real introduction as I’m sure everyone will recognise the Houses of Parliament with ‘Big Ben’ and the London Eye with the river Thames snaking between them.

Here’s a few facts about the former:
– The tower which has the clock and chimes is not called Big Ben, it’s called the Clock Tower.
– Big Ben II is the name of the bell that chimes; the original Big Ben was cracked beyond repair shortly after it was put in place.
– The current bell is also visibly cracked, but still usable.
– Clock Tower is leaning slightly…not as much as the tower at Pisa, but a little bit.
– I’ve stood beside Big Ben as it’s being struck, watching the hammer hit it – it’s pretty loud.

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    1. Yeah, Westminster Bridge can get extremely busy – and this was taken on a Sunday when everyone was out and about. I think the lean is very minor, it’s not at risk of falling down just yet 🙂

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