WTF are they?

During our trip to Cornwall, Pilot – the hound you see here – got a little sick. I guess that’s what happens when you ride around in a car all day and eat pretty much anything you find on the beach, including sand.

During the first day of my part of the trip we had just been to Cape Cornwall to take a few sunrise shots and these cows were obligingly standing around in a field waiting for us to take photos of them. Sydney, the other dog on the trip, is an Australian Cattle dog so obviously enjoyed seeing cows more than your average dog.

As you can see by Pilot’s face here, he didn’t seem too sure of them.

Have a great weekend everyone.

7 thoughts on “WTF are they?”

    1. After getting sick on the trip and throwing up all over my seat, battery charger and baseball cap I was ready to give the mutt to anyone 🙂

  1. haha! Very funny! Hope you had a great weekend… Thanks for the great laugh you shared.. Keep it up!

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