Sunset at Lizard Point

Lizard Point is the most Southerly point of mainland Great Britain. It stinks!

If you’ve ever owned a goldfish and left the water for a bit too long before changing it you will know what I mean as it’s that kind of smell. We walked down to the beach when trying to scout a suitable location for a sunset photo and part of it was walking over stagnant seaweed. At one point I wanted to try and see what was in a cave area and only got so far over the rotting weeds before the stench, and the fact I was sinking into it, was overwhelming and I had to turn back. It really was disgusting, and the smell did not contain itself to beach level – you can smell it to some degree from up on the cliffs also.

Luckily there wasn’t an amazing vantage point from the beach so we did return up to the cliffs where the stench subsided a little. It was only after the sun had gone down, rather disappointingly for a sunset, and we were on our way back to check out the lighthouse that I turned to find some decent colour in the sky, and so I quickly snapped this shot.

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