This shot is taken below the North side of the Millennium Bridge and is part of the supporting structure. The two sets of four wires that you see start to extend to the outside of the bridge as it progresses across the Thames, and are held by separate support sections on the South side as they do not tuck back under the bridge on that side; you can see a shot from the South side here.

Tonight I’m heading to the train station after work to take a 5 hour journey to Cornwall for the weekend. I arrive at around 00:30 where I hope John will already be there to pick me up from the train station, and then we have four days to drive our way back to London – hopefully taking in a few sunsets and sunrises, urbex locations and, essentially, nice dry weather.


I’ve scheduled posts for the next few days to maintain my week daily post limit, and look forward to catching up with you next week.

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