Star Wars vs Batman

To celebrate the launch of the Complete Star Wars Saga on BluRay, the iconic BT Tower in London held a launch party and attempted to light the tower up as if it were a lightsabre.

As a lightsabre it failed pretty hard, and as I’m also not a huge Star Wars fan I thought it would be fun to turn this into something more appropriate. The beam of light being thrown out seemed, to me, more like a beacon calling for help than a futuristic laser sword, and so I thought a Batman symbol would be a little more apt for it.

Saying that, I enjoyed the fact they tried to do something new and fun, and of course it gave me a decent photo opportunity.

Friday already! I hope everyone has a great weekend; thanks for all of your comments and retweets this week, appreciated.

26 thoughts on “Star Wars vs Batman”

  1. That’s freaking cool. However, I must disagree with the star wars statement. The Force > Batman!

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