Cape Wrath

At the most north-westerly point of mainland Britain stands Cape Wrath, one of only two ‘Capes’ in Great Britain. There is no road access to this Cape, so you either need to travel by foot or do what we did in this instance and take a special tour which meant getting a boat across the Kyle of Durness, followed by a minibus for the 11 mile journey to the lighthouse.

Once there we spent an hour or so wandering around the cliff top taking various photos before making the long trek back. All in all the journey took around 3 hours to complete, but I feel it was time well spent as it was quickly followed by visiting the most north-eastern point.

This location had the worst weather during our trip, with a splash of very light rain in the morning followed by a quick clearing and blue sky – so not bad at all.

As a keen geocacher I felt foolish for not checking out what caches were in this location before visiting, as I could easily have got the answers I needed to tick this one off, as it’s highly doubtful I’ll be making a return trip in the near future.

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  1. I give this place a gold star for a cool sounding name. 🙂

    I give you a gold star for a bad-ass shot. love the foreground details and the cold blue feel to this.

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