Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

We hit a lot of castle ruins during my brief dash around Scotland, and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe was one of the last ones we visited towards the end of the trip.

It’s in a pretty bad state, with several sections blocked off from the public – according to their website this is the only castle in Scotland to be listed by the World Monuments Fund.

Towards the back of the castle is a bit of scaffold that you can see poking his head up just beside the flag in the image above, restoration or preservation trying to take place.

There wasn’t much to see, but the scaffold was of interest to me (big surprise). We hopped around a few barriers to make our way closer and was faced with a large iron gate that blocked our way. Castles are weird – it’s as if they’re built to try and keep people out.

The top of the iron gate was bent slightly…and that was the only way I was going to get in, so up I climbed, over I went and a few minutes later I found myself at the foot of the scaffold.

I took a quick look for alarms or motion sensors, but I guess the heavy iron gate was supposed to be enough of a deterrent as none could be seen…so off I went.

One flight up and I heard voices…drats. A couple of other site-seers were heading down the country lane towards the castle…any further up and I would be in clear view of them – if they hadn’t already seen me.

I scooted back down, over the gate and up to the main pedestrianised point – then we left. I am consoled in the fact that there probably wasn’t going to be much to see up there anyway…

37 thoughts on “Castle Sinclair Girnigoe”

  1. Nicely seen and processed! Castles are amazing subjects and this one definitely is no exception! I’d love to visit Scotland someday.

  2. Damn – you guys have the coolest stuff over there. We just dont have any cool castles here unless you count Disney World. One suggestion is just to be careful with using too much noise reduction on the clouds. I think they look a little too smooth in this image and it creates an odd contrast because the rest of the image is so sharp.

    1. Cheers Jason – we are pretty lucky over here. I just hate noise so much that I go a tad too far in trying to get rid of it sometimes, but I see what you mean. I think upgrading to a Mark II will help me immensely…

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