Friday at last – and only time for a very quick post today.

The above image was taken on Chancery Lane in London, and though I may be mistaken I think it is King’s College. I could easily be wrong though as I was paying no attention to this at the time of taking the shot. I had just been up the BT Tower and found that I wanted to look up instead of down as I was walking around that evening, and this building provided a perfect opportunity.

I have a couple of urbex trips planned this weekend so have a 5am start tomorrow, and lots to do today. I hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for all of the link love over this past week – you guys rock!

28 thoughts on “Majestic”

  1. Yup thats Kings Collage. If you go inside there is a library building that looks amazing. Problem is you have to be a student to get in. I only peered through the window, lol.

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