Head in the Clouds

I often have my head in the clouds, but not so literally as in this image.

I encourage others to do things only with which they are comfortable with. The majority of people I go on an urbex trip with don’t so much like the edges of tall buildings, or the edging out to somewhere a little more precarious. Others would do things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with, but if they are happy to do it then so be it. If you’re not comfortable doing it, then don’t – it’s that simple. If you know the risks and are confident in yourself and the situation around you then by all means push yourself that little bit further.

I’ve been in far more dangerous spots that you see here, however, as this image is pretty deceptive. I’m sat on top of some window cleaning apparatus here, and sure it may be 30 storeys up, but the apparatus is firmly on the roof and so I would only fall to the rooftop below me – it will be painful and I may break a bone, but it’s not really a fatal drop, and certainly not as high as the image suggests. By cropping out the rooftop that the camera sits on the illusion of my sitting high above London like a crazy fool is complete.

105 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds”

  1. Mike, you are one very courageous photographer, nonetheless. Stunning photo and composition. Really appears that you are hanging out over the city. Would still hate to scrape you off the roof if you fell.

    What some photographers will do to get that perfect shot! You are certainly a great example of that. Fantastic work and kudos for the courage.

  2. No sir. You know, I read that post and I still get vertigo just looking at this. That’s all I have to say.

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