Urban Jungle

On Saturday I decided it was about time I went to see the London Street Photography Exhibit which has been on at the Museum of London for the past few months. I had attempted to see it when the exhibit had first opened, but being the opening day it was just too busy, and the queues too long, that I didn’t bother. This weekend just gone was the last weekend it was going to be open so it was very much a ‘now or never’ situation. It wasn’t amazing, but it was good to visit and I’m glad that I went to it.

After this I had a few hours to kill so walked around randomly; at one point I stopped on a park bench to have a cup of coffee and snapped this image from that location.

I was shooting hand held, having opted to walk around without my tripod or large camera bag. I have just bought a Black Rapid camera strap which I already love, and enjoyed walking around with this and not having to lug my heavy gear around, which the tripod is the main culprit.

24 thoughts on “Urban Jungle”

  1. Great shot! I love these looking up at the urban skyline from down below shots. Makes you feel really small.

    I too hate carrying around that clunky tripod especially when I’m hiking through the woods, but I find it’s necessary for my long exposure waterfall shots so I’m stuck with it!

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