The Beach

Back to the far north of Scotland for today’s shot, and a beautiful isolated beach section which was covered in interesting looking rocks which I ran between, splashing around in the ocean as I subjected my toes and my tripod to the harsh sand and sea.

My toes loved it, apart from the fact the water was so cold.

My tripod didn’t seem to mind the temperature, but hated the sand for the rest of my trip.

I would happily spend night after night on this beach if I lived in this area, and this sunset and blue hour was pretty darn beautiful with some of the best light I’ve been able to shoot in to date.

45 thoughts on “The Beach”

  1. The BeachThis is just fantastic! Im loving the detail in the rocks on the right, gives the image more of an interest, the colours here are also spot on, the reflections on the sand are amazing, it’s just so shiny!

    Great work!

  2. The BeachFantastic shot. I really like the blue, as well as the fact that the water and sky draw your eye to the point where they meet.
    On a side note, I want to thank you for linking to the commentary that is on your website for some of the pictures. It makes it more interesting to both see the shot and get some info on what you went through to get the shot or what happened, etc.

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