Eastbourne Pier - Sunrise

After I had been down to the beach the other week to watch the sun rise and take a few shots I had turned as I walked back to the hotel and saw the lovely golden light that was now being thrown onto the scene.

For something that had been a little bit of a let down this lovely light started to make up for it. I had already put my tripod away but was still carrying the camera, so I did a couple of handheld brackets while leaning against a wall.

As the sky is the main point of interest I cropped off the beach and water that was in between me and the pier – it added nothing of interest and detracted from the scene by being so boring.


It’s a bank holiday in the UK today, and as this goes to press I’m not sure if I’ll be tucked up in bed or stood on a rooftop…hopefully the latter, in which case you’ll likely see some sunrise over the London rooftops shots in the near future.

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