Lounging Around

A bit of Friday fun.

I was walking down the South bank last Sunday after a little photowalk and noticed these large bits of furniture outside the National Theatre. I’ve no idea why they were there or how long for, but I notice they are gone now.

I set up for a shot of them and a couple were sat on the chair at the left cuddling each other (I say ‘cuddling’, a later inspection of my initial photo shows his hand down her top), they didn’t wait too long before making a hasty retreat leaving the whole scene to me.

Though intending just to take a quick shot of me in the oversized seat I quickly decided to turn this into a multiple selfie, shooting images of me in various poses and locations. It was pretty good fun.

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    1. Thanks! Answer: It’s a camera feature; if you go into the menu under Portrait > Face Recognition and select ‘hide identity’ you then have the options to blank out the face (as I do) or use Groucho glasses (I haven’t tried this one yet).

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