Sunny Scotland

I can’t believe that my trip to Scotland was a month ago already!

As I may have mentioned; we were extremely lucky with the weather on our drive around this beautiful country. For a location that has a reputation of being thoroughly miserable we had sun pretty much all the time we were there; extremely lucky when I wanted to spend my time taking photos.

The only downside to this, if indeed there is one, is that I always envisage the mountains to be shrouded in mist and menacing cloud formations and not lovely blue skies. Blue sky is nice…but sometimes you want a little more for your images.

To provide a sense of scale…the rock in the foreground of this image was around waist height. The rocks in the background were much, much higher 🙂

I’ve been pretty poor at geotagging my images from this 1400 mile trip, so I have no idea where in Scotland this actually is. If you recognise the big rock in the foreground please send location to me in a comment, email, postcard or back of a dead animal to the usual addresses. Thanks.

19 thoughts on “Sunny Scotland”

  1. Man i can’t believe you came all the way to my sunny homeland and never cracked a light 🙁

    I hope you enjoyed your stay and the midges didn’t ruin it for you

    PS love this shot but it could be anywhere along the western part of the country 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles with blue skies and sunshine 🙂 Love the shot and glad you mentioned the scale, it does help to put it into perspective.

  3. You never know quite what you’ll get weather-wise in Scotland, and whilst this is beautiful I can understand your disappointment at not getting at least one day of swirling mist and rain!

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