Eastbourne Sunrise

It’s rare that I’m up early enough in the day to see a sunrise, but this weekend I headed to the Southern coast for a BBQ and drinks and tried to make use of the chance to get up and take some early morning shots. I’m not a morning person, so getting to bed just after 2am, and getting up just a few hours later does not make me the happiest of bunnies – especially with the prospect of a long cliff walk on the agenda later in the day.

Still, I got up and headed out of the hotel early to see what kind of light this dawn would bring.

It wasn’t the greatest sunrise I’ve ever seen, even if my experience of them is limited. It was nice though, and I enjoyed getting a few shots from various angles.

The beach was pretty much empty. A few young couples were sat on the pebbles, having chosen to sit there and view the dawn rather than go home and slip into bed after a night out on the town. I also met one other photographer, James Lucas, down there. James has some excellent long exposure shots with city architecture sitting right alongside images from the seaside like we were taking today – I recommend you go ahead and check out his work.

34 thoughts on “Eastbourne Sunrise”

  1. Eastbourne SunriseFanatstic shot and quite unique too. I love the bright moss on the right and motion blur of the water great work! πŸ™‚

    Seen in the Piers, Boardwalks and Anything Else By the Sea Group.

    1. Cheers – I put my hand on that green stuff a little further down as I was hoping over the wooden partition…it was pretty slippery.

    1. Yeah…I had a couple of awful coffees that morning, but the caffeine certainly did help πŸ™‚

  2. Eastbourne SunriseMike, this one is great. Love the two lines (the pier on the left and the jetty (or whatever that structure is) on the right directing towards the same point. Exposure and details are great as well!

  3. Not a bad shot at all, I like that you’ve chosen to include groyne on the right, lovely green.
    Not far from me old chap, I’m just half hour along the coast.

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