Not Quite Airwolf

This is the craft which took thefella, the_defiance and myself over London the other week.

I had never been in a helicopter before, but as I love heights and one of my favourite parts about flying is the turbulence I figured this would be pretty fun to be in.

It was!

It was smoother than I had anticipated it being, and it was such a great experience. The downsides were that we only had 30 minutes in it, and a lot of that time was taken up with getting to and from London in order to do a flight down the Thames. The second downside is that it was just a flyby, and not a nice flight to a location that is well known, hover around it for a bit, and then move on to the next location.

I guess those kind of flights come at much greater expense.

It was a super fun trip though, and I would be happy to do it again some time in the future. For anyone interested, the tour was operated by London Helicopter Centres.

I’m off out of London tonight to go and have a few drinks down by the coast. Not sure if I’ll get much time, if any, for photos as a pre-dawn rise really depends on alcohol consumption tonight.

Enjoy the weekend all.

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  1. great shot Mike and love how the criss-cross clouds complement the rotors on the chopper – looks like a sweet ride mate!! have a great weekend and have a Sherlock’s Ale for me!

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