Paternoster Square

This little square is just beside St Paul’s Cathedral and is pretty easy to miss as you walk past. Most of the time you will follow the path of St Paul’s as you navigate around it, and all eyes and cameras are usually aimed at the cathedral itself.

It’s a nice little area though, featuring the main column seen in this image, a 23m tall monument often referred to simply as The Pineapple due to the golden pineapple at the top. There is also a sculpture called Shepherd and Sheep by Dame Elisabeth Frink which you can just see at the vert bottom right of the frame.

Pineapples are a common feature around this area of London and you will often see them worked into the architecture, adopted by architectures as this rare delicacy was a sign of wealth and hospitality and were only grown by the richest of landowners who could afford the expensive glass used for greenhouses. Due to this

12 thoughts on “Paternoster Square”

  1. It was really hard to stop looking at the shot to come down here to type out a comment. Lovin the shot! In fact, think I’ll go gawk at it a bit longer 😉

  2. Paternoster SquareCool angle. Like the way it’s so sharp in the centre, fading out.
    Did you take this from St Paul’s?
    (Sorry if that’s a stupid question.) I have been to Paternoster Square but cant envisage where you were 🙂

  3. Paternoster Square[]
    Yes, this was taken from the Golden Gallery at the top of the Cathedral…well worth a visit if you haven’t already been there.

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