I’m not too sure what this building is to be honest, and though I took the time to stand and take a quick photo of it when passing over the weekend, I neglected to actually go ahead and make a note of the office name or some other indication that would tell me what was inside it.

It’s located in between Wood Street and Monkwell Street, EC2 and this shot is taken from the Monkwell side which features a beautiful square garden and is possibly best know for the Barber’s Hall.

I had just been up St Paul’s Cathedral for a couple of hours trying my best to work in a very small space surrounded by tourists. After so long looking down it was nice to be at ground level looking up for this shot, and I quite like how it turned out. I opted against a completely monotone technique for this one, as I liked the little dashes of colour in the brickwork and greenery, even if they aren’t as vibrant as they could be.

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  1. Monkwell[]
    Very noisy in the clouds especially – and that’s after de-noising and blurring a bit. I often get noise in the clouds, but I think this was due to it being handheld also perhaps?

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