Sun Flower

Back to Scotland for the start of this week, and to a small place called Wick. We were on our final castle ruin of the day before heading on a couple of hours drive back to where once was my home, and to a an actual house with home cooked food and running hot water which, after many days sleeping in a tent, it was a welcome thing to be driving towards.

The Old Wick castle wasn’t anything spectacular, and though I have a few images of the place I’m not sure any are worth processing…perhaps sometime in the future if I revisit them. I was determined to get something from this spot, and by this point a picture of a dead mole was looking to be the only interesting thing.

Working our way across the narrow hill towards the ruins I had seen a few of these flowers and thought they would be nice if I was able to get a shot with something behind them. My initial thought was to have the castle ruins, but none were positioned quite well enough for me. However, on the way back to the car the setting sun falling over the horizon proved to be suitable. Just behind these flowers, and in between me and the large rock formation in the background is a very long drop to the sea. I’m at one end of a horseshoe really, with the rocks in this shot being the other end, and the open section immediately ahead and to the right.

I used the 8mm fisheye and got down close to the flowers. The wind was pretty strong so getting 3 exposures of the flowers was impossible. Therefore, during processing I only used three exposures for the background mountain and sun, and a single exposure for the flowers.


You may notice that I’ve redone the header of the site slightly. I’ve introduced new images to each of the sections and added a couple of links to my 500px and Google+ accounts. I like the fact I can change the site a little just by changing the images and editing just a little of the code, and without having to redo the whole thing. If you’re on either of those sites please go ahead and connect with me…and if you’ve already done so and I haven’t added you back I’ve likely missed the notification so please send me a tweet or something to nudge me. A far less likely scenario is that I don’t like your work…but that’s unlikely as 95% of the stuff I see from people visiting me is pretty darn good.

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  1. This is an incredible shot. The drama of the mountains and sky just makes the flower pop.

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