King Kong vs London

I thought I would end the week with a fun post.

On Monday I took a trip up to the 34th floor of the iconic BT Tower. Though this location is normally very much closed to the public, there are various events which are held up on this floor for those willing to splash out and book such a lovely location. Several weeks ago I had been emailed by a lady at who had been scouting my work online and saw that I loved to take photos of London from high places, and so invited me to the event for a nominal fee to support their charity.

I of course didn’t want to pass up this chance to attend such a venue.

I haven’t taken the time to look through and process the images from this location yet, with the exception of this one shot.

I was in a fun mood when processing, and so opted to add King Kong to the top of one of the building. I must stress that this was added during post process, and there isn’t really a giant ape swinging from building to building in London (that I know of).

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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