Space House

I’ve walked past this building many a time during my jaunts around the Covent Garden area, but I’ve never taken the time to actually stop and shoot it.

After a trip to the BT Tower, and on the way down to St Paul’s, I finally stopped beside here to take a few snaps. I’ve always liked the circular form to this building and the symmetry it has to offer, so didn’t mind too much which angle I approached it from. I of course opted for the angle that would involve a raised platform to stand on, as this helped to clear the fence and also likely provide an angle that other people don’t shoot from as much.

When it came to the processing I opted quite quickly to do this in monotone; I felt colour in this particular shot detracted from the shot as it gave a little too much to look at. Reverting to this simple colour form allows the architecture to really shine through.

The weather was pretty changeable on this night, resulting in lots of white and grey clouds in the sky and some excellent cloud formations which add to the scene nicely.

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