Above the Shard

Regular readers will know this building quite well, as it’s featured a lot on my blog over the past few months and, along with St Paul’s Cathedral, is becoming one of my favourite buildings to photograph in London.

Where there were many buildings that were difficult to pinpoint and take a photo of during my helicopter flight over London, The Shard is one that stood out very well due to the size. This wasn’t the easiest shot to get as I was sat on the other side of the helicopter and zooming in through the seat and my fellow passenger in order to get a shot off which didn’t feature internals of the helicopter proved tricky.

It was definitely one of the buildings I just had to shoot while up there though.

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  1. Above the Shard[http://www.flickr.com/photos/blunders500]
    the_defiance planned a trip in one and needed a couple of folk to fill the spots, so one was kindly offered to me. Also joined by thefella. We flew from Redhill Aerodrome, and it was all over far too quickly – wish I could afford a proper trip lasting a few hours and hovering where I want them to.

  2. I think this is the first time I have ever noticed the winding river that is by the Shard. I cannot wait to see this lit up at night and completed 🙂

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