Moo Cow

I just had to try and get a shot of a highland cow with a fisheye when in Scotland, and am pleased to have ended that mission successfully.

There were surprisingly fewer highland cows than I had anticipated, so we were lucky to find a field full of them one day when going between a couple of destinations. We pulled over and approached the field where they were grazing.

Unfortunately the cows were very skittish and simply ran away from us – not something you want when you are trying to get one using an 8mm fisheye and need to be inches away from them to get a decent shot.

Luckily I had come prepared, as the day before I picked up a bag of carrots thinking they may come in handy for just this kind of situation. I threw one of the carrots towards this cow and he quickly got a whiff of the deliciousness. Stepping towards it he sniffed it a few more times, and then greedily ate it. No other cows had noticed, but I now had his complete attention.

I threw a second carrot a little closer to the fence and he trundled forward and quickly gobbled it up. By this time he was just a few feet away and so, with slow movements, I stuck the camera through the fence and he approached a little further trying to smell it and see if it was another tasty treat.

Eventually I managed to get a shot off that I was happy enough with, and ticked this one off my checklist.

Have a great weekend all.

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    1. Ha – yes it appears to be. I fed the remaining carrots to a few horses on the last day and they were very appreciative…but I did that to get rid of them rather than to take photos.

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