Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle

As regular readers will know, last week I took a week out for a little holiday which involved driving around Scotland. I spent 12 years growing up in the North of Scotland, and though I had been to a few places of interest I had never taken the time to do a decent tour of the beautiful place. A week isn’t time either, but I gave it a good go and hired a car for the week, threw a tent in the back and headed out there. A big thanks must go to Steve for driving the whole way, and as we did 1400 miles in 6 days it certainly allowed us to see a lot of the country. As a non-photographer a big thanks also to stopping whenever I really wanted to do so along the route, and hanging around for longer than most friends would as I stood patiently snapping away – though saying that, armed with 3 cameras he certainly looked more of a photographer than I did at times.

The above shot is of Eilean Donan Castle and was taken at Sunset a week ago today. We had set up camp nearby and headed here as the last photo session of the day. A few other people had come to photograph the same scene this night though we were the only ones to venture down on to the rocks which I feel was the better location to get a decent foreground, and there was a nice sunset but not enough cloud cover for my liking – two awesome looking clouds were there at one point but never blew into the frame which was unfortunate.

I encourage you to check out the Eilean Donan Castle website to find out further details about this picturesque location, though perhaps you may remember it as the castle featured in the Highlander film.

31 thoughts on “Sunset at Eilean Donan Castle”

  1. Those colors are intense! It’s swampy, mushy and gorgeous at the same time! The glow of the sunset and the castle are superb.

  2. Now that is definitely something we don’t have in America. I really like this shot, especially the foreground, I think it adds a lot to the image.

  3. Amazing shot! Lovely foreground elements to lead you into a stunning sunset. Perfectly composed and awesome job processing the final image!

    I do agree with you that more cloud cover would have just made this shot spectacular, but mother nature is a finicky little thing is she?

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