Enterprises Massarde

The final shot for this week goes back to the gas turbine engine research facility that I visited back in May.

This place was full of industrial goodness and the metal, pipes, rust and sheer size of the place was such a pleasure to explore and photograph.

Part of the movie Sahara was filmed at this location and the radioactive sign in this cell was one of the things that the production crew left behind. I don’t think the intention was for people such as myself to enjoy them, but we sure do and it’s a sign that looks very fitting for this location.

It’s such a shame this place is going to be turned into a storage and distribution centre for a supermarket chain, but I guess that’s progress and I am lucky to have been able to see it before it goes once and for all.

Have a great weekend everyone, and these automated posts are now finished for the week – see you on Monday.

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