Wedged between the decay of yesterday’s asylum shot and the industrial decay that will be in tomorrow’s image I wanted to give a refreshing splash of colour with a return to a Kew Gardens and a return to a bench.

Stairs are one of my favourite things to shoot, but I think benches may be a close second. When I walk through a park or other area I quite like seeing people sitting there, chatting, enjoying the use of such a simple object in a public place. Stick a camera in my hands though and it suddenly turns to annoyance that someone is ruining a shot I may take simply by being there. I’m mean and selfish when I hold a camera!

For this shot I really liked the splash of colour in the background, and very much welcomed a short lie down on the grass under a tree which was where I am with the camera. It was such a warm day that any excuse to sit in the shade was taken.

6 thoughts on “Bench”

  1. I dig the benches, too, and this one is a great one! Really like the worn look of the bench against the vibrant summer colors! Nice shot!

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