Japanese Garden

One of the spaces in Kew Gardens had a Japanese Garden, with this lovely structure there.

I think the rest of my shots from this location have been a little too sunny and bright, and full of nature and flowers and leaves and stuff, so with the last shot of the bench and this shot I really was trying to go for something different and a little processing which may not be the usual from this location.

I thought that this shot worked quite well in black and white and with the main focal point being the building with everything else pretty soft.

If you remember I’m in Scotland this week – so am writing this in advance. I have no idea where I am just now as this post goes live. I could be asleep in a tent, or I could be on the open road, or I could be walking around a ruinous castle. Hope everyone is having a good start to their week wherever you are.

11 thoughts on “Japanese Garden”

  1. Nice B&W shot! This made me feel a bit homesick.. Hope you are having fun in Scotland!

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