A Long Way Up

This shot was taken around 35 flights up on what was a good, but wasted, evening.

The problem with Urbex and high locations in London is that it’s easier to go in under the cover of darkness, but you really want to be up on top to take in a sunset, which means a daylight entry.

The problem with this particular location was a very high and loud fence, four guys with tripods and camera gear, and a plethora of security cameras for both the site and the Metropolitan Police around the location.

So, we got in and we got up. 9 shots later and I see a car far down below me. I study it for a while, and call over a friend to also watch. Then there are 2 security guys who we see inside the grounds – darn, we were spotted getting in – time to find a spot to hideout in.

Then a police car arrives.

Then a second police car arrives.

Then a police van arrives.

Then the dogs start barking.

Game over.

Time to head down the stairs rather than wait for someone to come up. 35 flights of stairs is a long and tiring trip, we don’t really want to piss the cops off too much by making them do it – nor do we want the police dogs to be the ones who come up unleashed.

The police were all very friendly when taking our details – one of them also had to borrow my torch to search my bag; I was pleased to gain a couple of inches in the description I was given, but then displeased to see that I had also gained a couple of pounds and my ‘body type’ was classed as ‘heavy’.

It was very nice to see a new angle from London, but out of the 9 shots taken this was the only really usable one, so it certainly seemed like a slightly wasted journey also.

17 thoughts on “A Long Way Up”

  1. Great shot – London seems to go on forever! Hate to hear about the bad luck but at least they didn’t decide that you were one of those ‘dangerous’ photogs who needed to be arrested.

  2. Love the shot man, I think it came out pretty good. Funny story. I think you made the right choice. Making them walk up 35 flights would have been a bad move, lol.

  3. Not a waste, you got one good image, a story and a blog post out of it. Not to mention you weren’t bitten by the dogs. Seems like a winning night to me. 🙂

  4. I know this site and thought it must have been tricky to get in unseen especially as it’s quite residential around there. Great view though and nicely processed as always!

  5. That’s some bad luck mate, but it had to happen eventually. Luckily the police was friendly.
    It’s a great shot, so in my opinion it was all worth it!!

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