One New Change

This was a very quick shot I took while on a photowalk with TheFella and John.

It was a very, very hot day and John and I had opted to start the photowalk off by having a few pints in the pub before we were met by TheFella to actually then get going.

Not too far into the walk and the beer was having it’s effect on the bladder, so we decided to make use of the toilets at this new shopping/restaurant exchange which has been built beside St Paul’s. Security saw us walking through the site with our tripods, and questioned a random stranger about where his friends with the cameras had gone as a couple of us disappointed to the rest rooms.

We’re always a little uncertain about the boundries of where you can and cannot take shots on a tripod at this location, and I think it also often depends on who is on duty that day, so on the way out as we continued our photowalk I took a few quick shots from here as a bit of fun and to see if anyone would quickly come running over to us to say to stop.

The shots only took a couple of seconds, and nobody bothered us – which was nice.

If you haven’t already recognised it, the building in the background is St Paul’s Cathedral.

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  1. nice one Mike! I have a similar shot I took while I was walking over there to meet you, thought it is looking up – anyways, great shot!

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