Westminster Bridge

On my photowalk with Jim and John we wanted to take a few shots of this location during the sunset. We had seen some amazing clouds floating by during the few hours before getting to this spot, and the sky was clearing up leaving us a little worried about what would be left over the Houses of Parliament when we got there.

However, we were quite fortunate that we had some decent light and nice dark clouds when we eventually did work our way up the Thames to this spot.

I’ve taken many shots here in the past, including better ones, but for this shot I decided to try out the fisheye lens and see what I could do with that. I don’t have the best fisheye – it’s a fun, rather than quality, piece of glass. However it did allow me to get all of the bridge and the Houses of Parliament in which was a nice treat, and I quite like how the first section of the bridge on the right is distorted into a nice long span.

35 thoughts on “Westminster Bridge”

  1. I’m diggin the contrasting tones between bridge and building. That first arch also does a lot for conveying depth. Excellent work man!

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