Bird Food

I thought I would end this week on something fun, and so here’s a shot of a pigeon in Kew Gardens.

We had stopped for a spot of lunch mid way through the day and, as the sun was shining, we decided to sit outside (this did not help my sunburn). At one point a few guys sat a couple of tables away from me; they went inside to grab their food and for this scene one of them had returned to his table to set down his tray but then needed to go back for cutlery and sauces and such.

As soon as he left this pigeon jumped onto the table and I snapped this shot with my zoom lens. My movements must have caught his attention as he’s looking straight at me, and he then did a few sidesteps with the intent on checking out the delights on the tray.

After a few more seconds the guy who had left the tray came sprinting back to the table, obviously concerned this beast would be standing in his food within a few seconds, ruining his lunch completely.

It’s been a hectic week for me, but it’s nearly complete and I will have the pleasure of spending the weekend out of London and relaxing with a few friends and their new-born who I will be meeting for the first time. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. Wildlife, it can be so gutsy! Love that the pigeon is looking right at you, but you can tell the pie is calling out to it. Thanks for the laugh this morning šŸ™‚

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