Bark up a Tree

This week is manic with work and social life, so a very late update from me today. I really need to find the time to write posts in the evenings!

Anyhoo, this is going back to the previous Sunday in Kew Gardens. I’m not used to taking photos of nature so I stood in the middle of this huge park and could see nothing of immediate interest. That didn’t change too much throughout the day, but seeing as how I had to shoot something I went for flowers, leaves, trees and so on – but by golly it’s difficult to make a tree very appealing isn’t it?

After a while I figured angles and textures were perhaps the way forward…so I looked up and got in close and pulled out this shot which I later really quite liked. The subject is still quite boring to me, but the bark has a nice texture to it and I liked the leading lines to the branches.

I want to shoot more nature (with a camera of course, I don’t mean fox hunting) but when faced with a beautiful building in London and a tree – well, the tree isn’t winning just now I’m afraid.

12 thoughts on “Bark up a Tree”

  1. It does take some getting used to but you did a good job on this one man. Love the rich browns. Nice title too šŸ™‚

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